- For Kids, By Kids - 

 Empower a kiddo in your life to be part of the next generation of conscious shoppers who make a difference in the lives of kids around the world.



Ethic Kiddos are made by kids, for kids. We've partnered with an organization in rural Thailand that works to prevent trafficking and exploitation by helping girls stay in school through 12th grade, and then sets them up to succeed in college. The upperclassmen make Ethic Kiddos during weekends and on school breaks, and the money they make goes toward their college education. 


Where Things Come From 

Everything was made by someone, somewhere. By learning to think about who makes their things, your kiddo can have great impact!

  • Activity. Ask them to point out 1 or 2 items around the house made by somebody they know (or know of... it could also be a creation of their own!).
  • Questions. How does knowing who made it make the item more special?  Depending on the age of your kiddo, you can ask more questions: How do you think they made that? How long would that have taken? What were they thinking about when they were making it - did they have us in mind? 
  • Kiddos Fact. Your Ethic Kiddos bracelet was hand-made by kids in Thailand! They took the time to make a special piece of jewelry. When we bought this, it helped them earn money for school. 


Little People, Big Hearts  

Foster their growing sense of compassion with an age-appropriate understanding of tough challenges, and what they can do to help. 

  • Integrate 'Giving' Vocabulary. Integrate words that reflect caring about others. For example, 'generosity' means, "using our time and things to meet the needs of others with a happy heart." To 'empower' means to "give power" to those needing a boost.  Come up with vocabulary that reflects your family values!
  • Make Connections. Globe time! Help them understand the connection they have to kiddos around the world. Show them where the USA is on the globe, then show them where Thailand is on the globe. Let them give it a spin and ask them to find the countries again. (For younger kids, put a bright sticker on each country to help!)
  • Develop Awareness To The Needs Of Others.  A special kind of joy is found while responding to the needs of others.  Help your kiddo practice  awareness by taking a few minutes to observe other people around them. Make a game of it. Do they look happy, hurried, or sad? For a big-kid challenge, have them ask a friend or parent, "how are you doing?" and then listen to the response. 
  • Promote Dignity.  Always promote the dignity of the person you are helping! It's healthy to be open about challenges as long as we don't define the people we are helping by their problems, or silo the issues to being "over there" across the globe. When kids hear you talking about the girls in Thailand according to their potential,  they will be excited to become part of the story. 
Thailand Fun Facts:

Siamese cats are the native Thai cat!

Over 2 million tons of coconuts are grown in Thailand every year!



In addition to buying an Ethic Kiddos Bracelet, here are some other ways you and your kiddo can help:

Connect With The Artisans

Draw a picture or write a letter to send to the Kiddo artisans. They love to hear from those who are wearing their bracelets! It is a simple, yet profound gesture to show you care. Send email to hello@ethicgoods.com. Mail letters and art to our office at: 

Ethic Goods

2004 4th St NE, Unit A

Washington, DC 20002


Include Ethic Kiddos At Your Next Party

Party favors anyone?! Help your kiddo make an even bigger difference by having Ethic Kiddos at your next party. They'll have the chance to show their friends how to make an impact. Kiddos Party Packs make the perfect favors: they come with 8 bracelets & Activities. Plus, 20% of all packs go back toward the girls who made them.